Here are a number of logos that I have completed for clients,
with a few logo designs that were done on spec, or as examples. Take a look through and see if you like my style,
then contact me at onewingfreelance@gmail.com
to get a logo created for your business, blog or website.

My first hockey logo!! The Gladiators are a new hockey team in Australia. 
I also designed their jerseys.

Logo created in Illustrator for a website dealing with all things restaurant.

A logo created in Illustrator for an online custom children's book site - www.ucreatesmiles.com
Logo for online book publisher.

Logo for software developer.

Logo for fitness group in Florida.

Logo for antiques and collectibles trader.
This logo was created in Illustrator.

Logo for a restaurant for a client in the United Arab Emirates. 
That's the coolest thing about freelance design - I get to work all over the world!

A logo for a wonderful bunch of folks who are working with artisans in Chile and all over South America, helping thme sell their art. I also created their business cards.

Logo, created in Illustrator.

Logo created in Photoshop.

Created in Illustrator for a golf teacher.

Created in Illustrator for a photographer specializing in hockey.

Food in the Nude was a logo done on spec.

A restaurant logo done for a start-up in the UK.

Logo done for a job site. Done with Illustrator and Photoshop.

Logo created in Illustrator. I also did a banner for her website.

Created in Illustrator for a realtor in Omaha. Obviously.

Logo created in Illustrator for a sports team.

Logo created for a theater group.